Dissolve is an endless rogue-like shoot’em up with color-shifting backgrounds and enemies. Through your journey, infinite waves of enemies plague the void and spawn their ship-altering power-ups on destruction. Two successive hits end your run, yet a variety of unlockable ships, color schemes, and ship upgrades keep you in the loop.

The game features simple drag controls, dynamic retro color schemes, and flowing shoot em' up gameplay. After taking down a certain number of enemies, take your ship through the Void Rush, where the game speeds up, the background shifts to black, and higher scores are possible. Each successive void rush increases in speed, how far can you take your ship?


Tyler and Ryan are lifetime collaborators whose varied history includes music videos, street art, video games, and guitar lessons. Dissolve is the culmination of their talents and love of digital art that they have been developing together for over 10 years.

Dissolve was started with another Utah native, their shared childhood friend Sam. A strong programmer, Sam built a bare-bones shoot'em up with mobile input controls and shooting parameters. The initial intent was for the three of them to create a simple mobile game and publish on mobile app stores in as little time as possible. After a few developing hiccups, the art became more fleshed than the gameplay and the simple idea gave way to a direction hearkening to notebook sketches and old arcade games.

Continuing to play mobile games during a year-long break from development, Ryan and Tyler noticed a lack of free-to-play mobile games that focused on quality over profit. Believing they could create an experience a few players could enjoy without spending a cent drove them back into the throngs of building a game. Focused on creating something they felt unique, the two remaining developers created BabyStar Games got ready to publish a game started with a different intent.

With the visual ideas for Dissolve, Tyler redesigned the enemies in the game and Ryan crafted scripts that altered backgrounds based on color symmetry. Nearly a year after being drawn back into the project, Ry and Ty are beyond excited to share Dissolve with anyone who likes to waste time on their phone while sitting on the train or toilet.